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We’re always looking for ways to be better every day, so it just makes sense we’ve been a BrightEdge certified digital marketing agency since 2013. The leading search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing platform has provided us with actionable insight and marketing solutions to improve digital marketing performance for 120+ clients.

As a creative digital performance marketing agency, we provide an integrated approach to digital marketing through the perfect blend of compelling creative, innovative marketing strategies and technological expertise in online marketing. BrightEdge plays an integral role in our SEO services, and we’re proud to be among a select number of agencies to earn BrightEdge comarketing status. Earning our status in this SEO partner program reflects our training, expertise and experience utilizing the BrightEdge platform.

With BrightEdge’s robust data and insights informing our content marketing and creation, we are an SEO partner firm that is able to achieve award-winning work that aligns with our clients’ goals of increased engagement and visibility.


Why Work with a Premier BrightEdge Certified SEO Partner?


Using BrightEdge, agencies can better understand competitive landscapes at a page level and more accurately determine content strategies to improve organic performance. Reporting and forecasting complement these abilities by providing insights for continuous improvement and refinement.

Over 8,500 brands rely on BrightEdge, including 41% of the Fortune 100 and 1000 enterprise and mid-size brand companies. Noble currently provides SEO services and content marketing services for dozens of clients utilizing the BrightEdge platform and toolset including features such as the BrightEdge Data Cube, Link Equity Manager (LEM) and BrightEdge Instant.


Take Your SEO Results to the Next Level


Partner with Noble Studios, a certified digital marketing agency and SEO partner, and experience SEO results like you’ve never had before.

  • Access to enterprise-level tools & insights without paying an enterprise-level price. 
  • Ample data that Noble can leverage for your SEO goals. 
  • Dedicated certified digital marketing professionals who help your team reach your digital marketing goals.
  • Optimized content that performs, backed by data. 
  • Keyword and audience research data to create high-performing SEO strategies


Noble Studios + BrightEdge

Rankings & Links Business Impact & Audience Growth
Keywords Topic Ownership & Contextual SEO
SEO in Silos Integrated Cross Channel Team
Content for Content’s Sake Content for User Needs & Business Outcomes
SEO as a Second Language SEO Native Speakers
Finite Resources Strategy & Scale


We Have Multiple Certifications to Better Serve Your Needs

We are a BrightEdge Certified Agency Partner
We are a BrightEdge Certified Agency Partner
We are a Google Analytics Certified Partner
We are a Google Analytics Certified Partner
We are a Premier Google Ads Certified Partner
We are a Premier Google Ads Certified Partner
We are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner
We are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner
We are Optimizely Platform Certified
We are Optimizely Platform Certified

Our Commitment to Continuing Education

As a BrightEdge certified agency, our performance marketing team works directly with BrightEdge to stay up to date on the platform’s latest features. This collaborative effort and commitment enable our SEO professionals to better translate BrightEdge data into measurable and predictable improvements to your website performance.

Additionally, BrightEdge frequently solicits product feature requests and feedback from our team, which means we’re able to pass along feedback that makes the platform better for our clients.

BrightEdge platform development timeline


A Few of Our SEO Clients


Find out how Noble Studios SEO services can take your digital marketing to the next level.