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The Difference Between ‘Pretty’ and ‘Pretty Useful’

What separates good design from great design? Intention.

When you take the time to carefully consider the needs of the end user, blend it with deep audience research, then iterate on your ideas, the results can be magical.

Starting with the spark of an idea, our professional web design services team takes the client’s vision from wireframes to prototypes to the final, gorgeous product that delivers real impact on the bottom line.

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Great Website Design = Measurable Value

UX Data-informed Decisions for Website Design

Data-informed decisions

More Engaged Visitors for Your Website

More engaged visitors

Get Increased Conversions on Your Website

Increased conversions

Responsive Website Design

Consistent cross-device experiences

Audience Research

What does your audience want? What are their pain points, their goals? For that matter, who are they? Audience research is a strategy-based approach to understanding your end users by doing a deep dive to identify the traits that separate shoppers from buyers.

Information Architecture and Wireframes


Information Architecture + Wireframes

Without a blueprint, the construction of a house would be a patchwork of sloppy guesses and costly mistakes. The same is true for professional website design services. Starting with the end in mind, Noble’s design team works to identify user flows and paths that will ultimately lead to conversions. Through the process of sitemaps and wireframes, we strategically plan how your site will look and feel for each user. It’s part art, part science and it’s backed up by hard data.

Website Design Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping + Testing

By prototyping and testing in the early stages of a project, we’re creating the first truly tangible product for the client to engage with.

Serving as interactive mock-ups of the site, these early versions allow for usability testing so we can see if users can quickly find what they’re looking for, whether on a mobile app or responsive website. At this stage, site functionality is stress tested and evaluated for usability before final website designs are completed.

UX Design Services

Good UX design is more than just visual design. It’s taking the user’s needs into account by conducting research that leads to data informed decisions. We carefully weigh and test design decisions from the color of the buttons to the placement of images and the site’s mobile responsiveness to ensure optimal outcomes. By putting UX design first, we’re increasing the likelihood that users will not only have a great experience, but that sales and conversions will also increase.

“79% of people who don’t like what they find on

one site will go back and search for another site.”


Noble Studios
Website Design

Travel + Tourism

Highlight what’s unique and exciting about your destination. Noble’s design team helps align your digital presence with your target audiences.



Interactive tours and engaging content help prospective students visualize the education experience and select their school.


The right user experience is critical to healthcare websites, where people search for information that impacts health. We help make the journey easier.



Big Data is everywhere. Helping potential customers understand how it better impacts their lives is the key to a website design that unlocks more conversions.


For websites that sell products and services, there’s nothing more important than an online store that provides a frustration-free, intuitive user experience. Well designed e-commerce sites engage customers and take them along a natural buyer’s journey that works across all device types. The end result? Increased conversions and happy customers.

We also believe good website design services don’t stop with your site’s launch. Our tools include Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B testing and specialized landing pages to help capture existing traffic and turn shoppers into buyers.

Ecommerce Website Design
Creative and Brand Strategy

Creative + Brand Strategy

Do you want your brand to linger in the minds of your customers and potential customers? Noble’s branding services will help create an unforgettable, unique identity for your company.

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Submit a request to start a project and our conversation begins. We’ll talk about your dream website look and feel, dig into your brand pillars, and assess your online goals. Our professional web design services team will scope every detail of your website project. We’ll cover everything from timing and pricing, to brand updates and UX design. We maintain open communication with our clients and value feedback every step of the way.

We work with clients from all industries and leverage data to make informed decisions about your new website design and development. We’ll do the heavy lifting and you’ll wake up one day with a website you’re proud of. Go ahead, let’s share your brand with the world!

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