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A Digital-First Branding Agency

Brands should be developed with a digital-first mentality to perform first and foremost in the modern digital landscape, which we call creative digital performance. After all, aside from an interaction with your actual products and services, people spend the most time with your brand on your website, social media, and across countless digital channels. That’s where you have to grab attention, engage and differentiate yourself from a relentless and unfriendly swarm of competitors. And that’s why having a digital branding agency that understands the value of brand services, and what it takes for a brand to perform day in and day out, makes sense.

Our performance brand strategy and development process is designed to build nimble, differentiated brands that have the depth and breadth to flex in a digital-first world while still flourishing across all marketing channels and environments. When people feel more, they click more, buy more, visit more and spend more. You have to connect to convert.


Information Architecture and Wireframes

“Baby steps are for babies, not brands, be amazing or be surpassed.”

– Lee Clow
Brand Positioning YOU-X

Brand Strategy & Positioning

To establish your digital brand’s differentiated position, we go through a strategic process we call YOU-X-POSITIONING, which looks at your existing and/or future brand through a lens that considers four perspectives—Internal, Customer, Competitive and X-Factor—and ultimately considers the user experience of your brand, internally and externally.

Where those four perspectives meet is your brand’s Sweet Spot, or differentiated position.

Internal Inputs for Brand Strategy


Brand Workshops
Stakeholder Interviews
Asset Audits
Goal and KPI Setting

Customer Research for Brand Strategy


Primary Research
Secondary Research
Existing Customer Analysis
Audience Identification

Competitive Research for Brand Strategy


Primary Research
Secondary Research
Competitive Analysis
Competitive Audits

Best Practices for Brand Strategy


Leaps of Faith

“It’s not enough to be the best at what you do. You must be perceived as the only one who does what you do.”

– Jerry Garcia

Brand Platform Development

Your brand platform acts as your brand’s, and your organization’s North Star. It ensures your team and your partners are all rowing in the same direction by developing and defining your brand purpose, brand vision, brand personality, brand values, brand promise and distinct brand positioning.

Sometimes this only requires us, as your branding agency, to arrange and further define existing information. Other times, we need to develop your platform from scratch. Regardless, your brand platform will give rise to all your future decision-making, cultural behavior and internal and external communications.

Brand Platform Development

Creating a Digital Brand Identity


Naming a company or product can be an intensive and extensive process, filled with subjective opinions and emotions. Sometimes the magical name happens quickly, but often it takes many options and many rounds to find that perfect, unique, trademarkable fit.

A name with a meaningful story, which extends your brand essence, always helps drive engagement and understanding with your audience. Whether a name follows descriptive, experiential, evocative, acronym or another naming strategy, we will work with you to ensure your name is derived from your brand platform and flows from a clear strategy that all the stakeholders can agree upon.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the art of taking the behind-the-scenes strategic language and translating it into something poetic enough for public eyes and ears. And in this case, it is the poetry of distillation and simplicity that makes for brilliance in a Performance Brand.

Brand Lines

Whether you call them brand lines, taglines, rallying cries, positioning lines, organizational lines or big ideas, distilling a brand purpose, promise and position into a succinct, inspiring line or idea has never been more important. A strong brand line can act as a brand’s unifying force across disparate digital marketing channels, allowing for companies to leverage the distinct strengths of these various channels while maintaining a consistent thought, always making it clear what a brand stands for.

We will use the comprehensive thinking in a brand platform to build to this type of inspiring, unifying idea, which can be used to rally a team internally and engage customers quickly and emotionally.

Noble Studios
Website Design

Clarity + Connection = Conversion

Positioning Statements

In a cluttered, littered world where messages barrage us constantly, it’s so important that a company can succinctly explain what its digital brand stands for and what its unique brand promise is to its customers. It’s important that these things can be quickly and clearly stated on a website, and by employees, so customers instantly understand. While a brand line should be extremely succinct, a position statement should dig a little deeper, explaining what makes a brand unique. We draft a series of these statements, or elevator scripts, at different lengths for different contexts and uses.


Visual Identity

Just like with the naming process, a brand platform gives rise to compelling branding and brand identity design. We start this segment of our digital branding services with digital-first design thinking, often mobile-first, because ensuring that a complete brand identity performs well across all digital channels within the modern digital landscape is crucial.


A logo cannot, and should not, deliver a brand’s entire message. And it can’t be known at a glance without massive amounts of marketing investment. But it can convey a personality, help enhance a feeling of connection and begin to tell a brand’s story. Your brand strategy and personality will often dictate whether your brand calls for a simple wordmark or lettermark logo, a more conceptual icon mark, an emblem mark or a combination.

Logo Grid
School pathways design board

Design Boards

To plus a logo design and further visualize a Performance Brand, we use digital design boards. These boards act as a testing ground for exploring type and color, iconography for both digital channels and physical spaces, brand graphics, business card designs, various digital templates, photography styles and more. This allows us to show the design process, show what’s working best in its appropriate digital context and make a solid recommendation on a digital-first brand identity.

Brand Guidelines

While you want the sky to be the limit for your Performance Brand, there has to be a limit to the way your digital brand identity is used. With brand guidelines, your company will be set up for success with some firm yet flexible guardrails. What to do and not do with your logo, tone of voice, fonts, iconography, primary and secondary color palettes and more. Consider this a “rules of encouragement” book that inspires the best use of your brand identity.

Branding Color Palette
Brand Book Design

Brand Book

This is your brand’s bible. An amalgamation of your brand platform, brand messaging, visual identity and brand guidelines is one stunning storytelling collection of words, images, designs and inspiration. Anyone who opens this book will instantly know what your brand stands for, understand its personality, promise and perspective. We create both digital and physical versions, so you can easily share it, but also touch it, feel it and embrace it as a tangible guiding light for your company and brand.

Information Architecture and Wireframes

Brand Mantra Videos

A brand mantra video is essentially your brand platform translated into an emotionally compelling and engaging video that announces your brand purpose to the world and inspires and aligns your internal teams. We believe a brand mantra video is at the core of every Performance Brand, and no company’s website should be without one. Remember, when people feel more and associate more, they click more, visit more, shop more and buy more. You could say believing in the brand mantra is our mantra, so much so that it’s a standard deliverable in our branding services.

Ecommerce Website Design

Branded Content

As we mentioned, people spend the most time with your brand across digital channels. And since most paths lead to your website, it is the ultimate representation of your brand. If an ad is a handshake and a social channel is a chat and a cup of coffee, your website is a nice dinner and long conversation.

Whether your site is designed to deliver information or drive commerce, Noble’s brand services can help convey your brand position, promise and personality through its written, graphic and video content. This is your most valuable owned digital asset and should be a living, breathing personification of your brand platform. The same is true of all your digital platforms.

Campaign Concepts & Development

Translating your Performance Brand’s brand strategy and positioning into meaningful campaign communications that support your goals and objectives and drives business is part art and part science. As a digital branding agency, we believe data illuminates imagination, so we meld the right side of our agency brain with the left side of our agency brain to get out-of-the-box thinking. Your ideas, design and visuals have to break through, connect emotionally and compel with relevant calls to action.

From digital video content to paid social, display advertising, email and more, our philosophy with integrated and digital campaign work is to develop core ideas based on the brand strategy, business goals, objectives and success metrics, and then we create, test and iterate.

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