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“Good morning, Air Asia Friendsy Facebook contest winner. On behalf of the captain and crew, welcome aboard Asia Air Flight 777, with non-stop service from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. Each of your 302 fellow passengers was hand-selected by you with the click of a button in our Facebook contest, so feel free to mingle about the cabin.”

When AirAsia launched direct flights from Sydney, Australia to Kuala Lumpur in 2012, it needed a unique Facebook experience with maximum reach. Working with Australian ad agency Publicis Mojo, Noble Studios created a Facebook contest that would reach thousands of potential fliers, increase AirAsia’s fan base via likes and educate the public about its newest fleet of Airbus A330s.

Noble Studios


Noble’s first step was to highlight the new aircraft. We worked with Publicis Mojo to build a 360 degree animated view of the Airbus A330 with nine different information flags. We used HTML/CSS/JS (no flash animation) to indicate new features including a 302 seat cabin, enhanced reclining seats and cutting-edge engine technology.

The second goal was to create a contest that would generate high engagement and increase Facebook likes on the AirAsia fan page. Publicis came up with the idea of creating a virtual plane that would allow entrants to “book” 302 of their closest friends into the plane’s seats. As the user dragged and dropped friends into the seats, a countdown of remaining first class and cabin seats would display. Once the user fully booked their plane, they could tag their top 50 friends (a Facebook limit at the time) to let them know they were entered into the contest.

Noble Studios

Users would have the ability to go back into their entry and move friends into different seats or drag new friends into the plane. In testing, it was clear not all Facebook users have 300 friends and many of the ones who did weren’t going to take the time to assign each friend to a specific seat. Based on these findings, Noble and Publicis came up with an “easy” button allowing users to randomly add 302 friends into the plane.

At the end of the contest, one lucky winner would fly on the inaugural flight with all 302 of their friends. Noble Studios created a custom admin area for Publicis to review every entry, see the tally of entries and ultimately select the winner.

Noble built a drag and drop that allowed up to 302 friends into specific plane seats. A custom back end was created to house all entries with the ability for the client to review every entry, total number of entries, and ultimately choose a winner.


Noble Studios

Within two days of going live, the contest had more than 4,000 entries.

The social media campaign grew the AirAsia Facebook fan base by 30 percent, or 22,000 additional likes. The competition received 12,500 entries and reached 2,291,483 people, which is a whopping 20 percent of all Australians using Facebook. This work was selected as Silver award winner in the 2013 Facebook Studios contest.

30% Fan base
12.5k Total entries
22k Facebook Likes

2 Industry Award

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