Six Habits of Highly Effective Noblebots

Finding balance in life is not only realistic, it’s important. Just ask any of us at Noble Studios. We may have different personalities but we all share a passion for technology, adventure, and most importantly, family. In order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, we cover each other during our personal time off and follow these highly effective practices.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead saves time, money and can help you to eat healthier, and we all know a better diet leads to higher productivity. “The average American throws away between $28 and $43 in the form of about 20 pounds of food each month” due to poor planning (yikes). This can also lead to unwanted stress at home and in the workplace.

Sarah’s solution: Every weekend, Sarah Porter makes all of her lunches for the week ahead. She either chills them in the refrigerator or freezes them for a later date. Her crockpot is also her best friend. She preps meals the night before and turns the crockpot on in the morning. Dinner cooks while she’s at work and her family is able to enjoy a warm, home cooked meal. Sarah says this reduces her stress and she doesn’t feel rushed when she gets home.


It’s no secret exercise improves job performance. If you need evidence, read this article by Robert Pozen, author of “Extreme Productivity” and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School. He explains how regular exercise leads to a happier, smarter, and more energetic life.

Vanessa’s solution: Vanessa Vancour makes fitness a priority. When she doesn’t exercise, she often feels grumpy. Since working out when she gets home from work is harder to accomplish, she schedules it during her lunch breaks. Putting it on her calendar weeks in advance ensures she actually works out and spends less time, money or calories eating out.

Make your relationship a priority

It’s easy to let relationships take a backseat to dealing with the daily demands of running a business, however, the most important thing you can do in life is build as many meaningful connections as possible. Your personal relationships are the glue that holds everything together!

The Lopiccolos’ solution: Season and Jarrod Lopiccolo made a commitment to make family a priority before they started Noble Studios. They believe you can have both a strong family and a successful business. You just have to want it. This means leaving work at work. They are entrepreneurs by day and soccer coaches, tutors, and parents to their two kids by night. They are also world travelers and plan family vacations months in advance.

Find a hobby outside of work

A study covered in the USA Today suggests happy people may live 35% longer. So take it from Hans Christian Andersen, “Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.”

John’s solution: Music is more than a hobby for John Underwood. It’s his passion. John believes in being where you are 100 percent whether he is writing code or performing in front of a live audience. Music rejuvenates, energizes and feeds what John cares about most and allows him to bring a fresh perspective to work. John plans ahead and books his shows around his work schedule to make sure he devotes time for music to fuel his happiness.

Sleep is sacred

Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, said it best during her talk at TEDWomen, “We are literally going to sleep our way to the top. The way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is getting enough sleep.”

Andy’s solution: Like most business professionals, Andy Walden, will be the first to admit he works more efficiently with adequate sleep (or the coffee pot better be on). Andy makes it a habit to go to bed before 11 pm and wake up at 5:15 am to run. He says the days he runs before work are the days he is the most productive and gets the best sleep.

One major commitment a week

Juggling a busy schedule is an ongoing challenge for most people who devote 40 to 50 valuable hours a week to their career.  Therefore, it’s crucial to prioritize and simplify every area of your life.

Lindsay’s solution: Prior to joining Noble, Lindsay Alford owned a small business and earned a reputation for being a master networker. You name the event and she was there. After her twins were born, she tried to be superwoman but quickly realized something had to give. She adopted the philosophy of “one night a week” which means she only commits to one after work networking event. She also set similar boundaries in other areas of her life. Do you have a healthy habit to add to the list? Tell us how you find balance in your life.