Engaging Audiences One Follower at a Time

What is it, exactly, that gets a consumer to sit up and pay attention to a social media campaign? Butt clenching videos? Well, maybe. More on that in a second. At Noble Studios, we think it’s about speaking to those consumers’ passions in authentic, meaningful ways. Deep understanding of how people live in the social space has driven and informed many successful social media campaigns, generating the numbers and results clients have come to expect from Noble.


UPSjobs Road Trip Challenge

Forget red and green. The holiday season can often seem like a sea of brown and browner, what with all those extra UPS drivers hard at work delivering packages. To bring awareness to UPS’s upcoming holiday job drive, Noble built the “Road Trip Challenge,” an engaging sweepstakes featuring video vignettes from current UPS employees talking about life as a UPS employee.



Discovering Virgin Mobile

Butt clenching? Yes, it’s a thing and quite a healthy one at that. Don’t take our word for it, just watch the video and you’ll get it. Noble took one of Virgin Mobile’s offbeat videos of glute squeezing exercises and used it as an opportunity to build a funny and informative custom Youtube channel for the mobile phone brand.


Corona Extra Boxing Latino

Beer and boxing. That’s pure Ernest Hemingway macho territory, my friends. Combining two great things, Noble crafted a Facebook application promoting upcoming matches for Corona. The resulting app gave boxing fans a countdown timer, video playlists, a polling widget and an events calendar to alert them to future bouts.


Mom’s Day Getaway

Texas Roadhouse knows sizzling sirloin steaks. Noble cooks up content, campaigns and creative. When the restaurant chain needed a Mother’s Day promotion, Noble built a contest that encouraged users to pin their favorite meals to Pinterest for a chance to win an Arizona vacation package.


The Holidays At Men’s Warehouse

To keep Men’s Warehouse on the radar during the crazy holiday shopping season, we designed and developed a custom YouTube Channel for the clothing store. Application highlights featured YouTube playlists and featured products with purchase links.


Share A Chocogram

There you are, standing in line at the grocery store on the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, a single, wilting rose in one hand and an uninspired card in the other, just like every other procrastinating guy in line ahead of you. Another year, another blown chance to get it right. You could have used the Ghiardelli Valentine’s Day app developed by Noble Studios. You could have been a hero. The handy app armed last-minute Cupids with the information to find Ghiardelli products nearby, create DIY gifts and send “Chocograms,” thus saving the day. And, probably, the night.





Message From The Judge

TV’s Judge Judy has legions of fans, thanks to her tough-talking approach. CBS enlisted Noble to build a user generated Facebook contest that sent three winners to a taping of the show. Noble created an entry form and a featured entry gallery that allowed CBS to add the best photo, video and essay entries submitted throughout the contest. Case dismissed.


Boston Loves Impressionism

Every art fan harbors a secret desire to curate a collection of masterpieces. A custom Facebook voting sweepstakes Noble built for The Museum of Fine Arts Boston allowed them to do just that. Over the course of several weeks, Boston art lovers were invited to vote on their favorite Impressionist pieces for a Valentine’s Day exhibit. When the collection was unveiled, 30 user selected works of art were featured in the exhibit.


Craft Your Dream Wedding

Tantrum-throwing Bridezillas? Not Jo-Ann Fabric customers, who pride themselves in their DIY ethic. Noble and Jo-Ann joined forces to create a Facebook app aimed at these plucky, self-reliant brides. The app showed them DIY wedding projects while showcasing Jo-Ann’s products. An Instagram feed and project video drove the message home in a visual way, connecting with the customer’s do-it-yourself spirit.


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