Top 3 Trends At CES…And How We’ll Put Them To Use

CES 2015

This year, I attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, an event that attracts 170,000 industry professionals all seeking the latest in innovative tech ideas. From follow-me drones, driverless cars, virtual reality headpieces and more Fitbits than one can know what to do with, CES served up some of the latest and greatest in new world tech. Here are some of the key trends from the event.

Data, Data, Data

Using data, managing data, analyzing data, analyzing the right data and everything else data was a top topic at CES 2015. While listening to the ideas of thought-leaders from Twitter and the United Talent Agency in the C-Space at Aria, it was clear that businesses are struggling to decide what to measure when it comes to the amount of big data available to them. It is clear that defining a seamless process to enable businesses to choose the right data will be a key trend through 2015, especially with the valuable data available not just on desktop, but tablet, mobile and now wearables, too. A platform that can then aggregate all this information into one beautiful dashboard will be onto a winner.

Software or hardware?

CES 2015 introduced a multitude of different types of products we have already seen including health wearables. There wasn’t a lot of new hardware, however, which makes it seem that software is really where innovation is focused right now. Tech corporations are focused on perfecting the software behind each new technology as opposed to building entirely new products. It will be interesting to see how unified they will make the user experience of each device in the next year.

Tech is getting personal

If we choose, we can now connect to tech in every part of our day. You can track everything from your heart rate, to your children’s whereabouts, to the temperature of your boiler at home. You can keep tabs on your house’s security and your pet’s health, too. Everything is connected via your mobile device and the power of these interconnecting devices is valuable to businesses able to manipulate the data and form stronger, more personal relationships with users. As the “Internet of Things” continues to expand, so will the connectivity of our lives and our mobile device will know us better than we know ourselves.





Noble thoughts

What lessons can be taken from CES and put into practice?

• For our Strategic Services team, we see very exciting times ahead as the big data movement continues to grow and develop. We are constantly being exposed to new ways to work with data to get results for our clients and new tools that help with efficiency and reporting. Staying abreast of this trend is vital to the success of our department. We and our clients are lucky to have a strong team of passionate data nuts guiding our Strategic Services department.

• Lastly, it is time to begin thinking about updating policy to outline the moral expectations we have when it comes to dealing with data. The amount of information we can use nowadays has the potential to be used inappropriately and it is the industry’s responsibility to safeguard clients and users alike. Whether this be through company policy or other means, it is important to be transparent about the use of data and how to use it ethically.

This is just a snapshot of thoughts from an event that is overwhelmingly huge. What do you think are some of the top trends to expect in 2015? Join us on Facebook or Twitter to continue the conversation.