How to Build Your Company Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is for job recruits, right? Sure, it is a great way to find employees. It is also the leading B2B social network and could be your company’s rocket fuel. Today, LinkedIn boasts approximately 277 million users worldwide and three million company pages. Now consider those 277 million members your customers.

Your LinkedIn company page should serve as your information hub and gateway to your website. Make sure you keep it updated. In addition to adding branded visuals and posting shareable updates at least 20 times per month, here are some ways to build your company’s brand on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Showcases Pages

The products and services tab has been replaced by showcase pages. Now you can create a subpage within your LinkedIn company page to “showcase” each division of your business. This is a really cool feature to promote separate products or departments with their own messages and audience segments to share with. For example, Microsoft has a unique showcase page for each of its products including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Dynamics.

Featured Groups

Identify three top groups you want to be associated with and add them to your company page. Then position yourself as a brand influencer. Participate in conversations, always ensuring you add value. Encourage your staff to do the same. Remember, the more visible your employees are, the more visible your company will be.

Company Page Analytics

Be sure to pay close attention to your company page analytics. Identify which posts drive the most engagement, filter engagement trends by type and time period, get detailed demographic data about your followers, and benchmark your fan base against similar brands. Then use these valuable insights to refine your content.

Sponsored Updates

This is LinkedIn’s self-service advertising option designed to give you the opportunity to reach audiences beyond your current followers across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Sponsored updates appear in the feed of members matching the targeting criteria set by you, the advertiser. You also control the cost of your updates by bidding and setting a budget. You can choose to pay-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-1,000 impressions (CPM). The minimum daily budget is $10 per day and there is a $5 startup fee which becomes a credit once the ad is live.

The best sponsored updates include:

  • Images and rich media to stand out
  • Compelling introduction and headline
  • Topics which appeal to your audience
  • Share thought leadership, advice and future trends
  • Predict future trends

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

This is considered the premium advertising solution. The network claims 50% of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions – display advertising or sponsored InMail. The minimum spend for a single campaign is $25k or $25k per quarter which includes a dedicated LinkedIn account manager.

LinkedIn Display Advertising

Display ads are a great way to target the exact audience you want in a visual, uncluttered environment (no more than two ads per page). All display ads (skyscraper, medium rectangle, text link or leaderboard) are priced under the CPM model. LinkedIn considers CPC and CPM two different platforms/two separate business units. Therefore, CPC and CPM ad buys cannot be combined. Due to LinkedIn’s competitive inventory, volume discounts are only offered with the CPM model once the company reaches the $100k threshold. Then the company will begin receiving a 5% volume discount.

Sponsored InMail

This is ideal advertising option for boosting conversions through targeted promotions or pairing with display campaigns to highlight key messages and inspire action. InMail allows you to send messages in a flexible format to like-minded professionals directly to their LinkedIn inboxes. Members can only receive one InMail every 60 days, guaranteeing 100% share-of-voice. According to LinkedIn, more than two-thirds (68%) of people trust recommendations they receive on LinkedIn (versus 33% for Twitter and 18% for Facebook). Therefore, messages via LinkedIn are more likely to be opened, read and acted on.

Why should you use LinkedIn to promote your company’s brand? When companies like Google and IBM are active on the network and Forbes ranks LinkedIn No. 1 on its Fast Tech 25 list of America’s fastest-growing tech companies for the past two consecutive years, it is wise to take note.