Revitalizing A Medical Pioneer: Noble Studios Introduces the All-New

Noble Studios Launches All-New

Noble Studios recently launched a new, redesigned version of the popular health and wellness website, Key features of the site include a clean design, a more engaging user experience, and enhanced search and navigation to resources reinforcing the principles of integrative medicine.

For more than 25 years, has been a leading resource for healthy living based on the philosophies of the renowned Andrew Weil, M.D. Often lauded as “the father of integrative medicine,” Dr. Weil is a physician, best-selling author and healthy lifestyle spokesperson. And like other popular wellness experts of today, a healthy digital presence is vital to the brand’s overall success.

Noble Studios collaborated with the team to analyze existing data analytics and user behavior to develop a site that better anticipates the needs of visitors seeking health and wellness information and products.

“The work we completed with Noble Studios turns a new chapter in extending consumer discovery and engagement of to current and new users, said L. Jasmine Kim, President, of Healthy Lifestyle Brands, which manages the Dr. Weil website. “We are proud to have been able to collaborate with Noble to create a website of this quality. Every aspect of this project, from research to design to technological development, was expertly executed – and it shows in the final product.”

Noble Studios developed a content strategy to both organize and categorize the decades of extensive and authoritative health content. This new structure is geared towards optimizing the site’s search engine presence and increasing overall organic traffic. The Weil Lifestyle brand’s vast archive of health-related articles are now strategically divided by content themes, such as “Health & Wellness,”“Diet & Nutrition” and others.

The new site also features intuitive navigation and is responsive on all device platforms, making it accessible to users searching for information on-the-go. Built on a modern web framework and codebase, the site is also optimized for speed and discoverability. In addition, content contributors also have the advantage of creating new health information via a custom and intuitive deployment of the WordPress Content Management System.

With the launch of, Noble continues to expand on its experience in the healthcare vertical and has previously created work for clients such as STAAR Surgical, Dignity Health and Renown Health.