The Digital Home of Off-Center: Fargo-Moorhead Debuts New Website

Fargo-Moorhead Debuts New Website By Noble Studios

Digital agency Noble Studios recently launched a newly redesigned website for the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Sporting the slogan, “North of Normal,” the destination’s unique brand is embodied by a youthful spirit, Norwegian roots, and iconic place in pop culture.

Key elements of the new Fargo-Moorhead site include an elevated new design, a more captivating user experience and enhanced functionality, as well as intuitive navigation to better steer users toward key stakeholder resources and information.

A small northwestern community sporting a big city vibe, Fargo-Moorhead is a unique travel destination boasting upscale dining, art and culture. Fargo is one of many Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) that follows the critical marketing trend of investing in a strong digital presence. The website and accompanying digital strategies allow the authentic and undiscovered aspects of the destination to be showcased to potential visitors.

Noble Studios worked closely with the Fargo-Moorhead team to translate the destination’s existing brand and tone of voice into a site that would be able to attract and inspire not only more digital traffic, but overall group business and regional visitation as well.

“There was a great deal of pressure on our team to deliver a website that truly reflected the uniqueness of our destination,” said Nicole Holden, Director of Marketing at Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau. “The team at Noble worked closely with us on creating a platform that embodies our brand and will be the hub of our marketing and advertising efforts.”

Fargo-Moorhead’s strong sense of local pride was carried over in the updated design. From skewed lines and witty widgets, to the use of quirky fonts, copywriting and custom photography, the site now encapsulates what truly sets Fargo apart from other popular travel destinations in the Midwest.

“In addition to the compelling user-experience the new Fargo-Morehead website is built for performance, said Michael Thomas CMO of Noble Studios. “Google research shows that 90% of travelers in the U.S. recall researching their last vacation on a computer or tablet. Today’s destination websites must show up in organic search results. This ensures the investment made by a DMO in a new website pays off over time with increased visitation and conversion of overnight stays.”

The new site now also has an integration with the Simpleview CRM platform. This integration allows the DMO to maintain a single data source which is updated automatically on the website. This reduces duplication of effort and improves the ability to deliver more personalized marketing programs.

With the launch of, Noble continues to build upon its award-winning work in the travel/hospitality industry and has previously created websites for clients such as Tahiti Tourisme, Yosemite / Mariposa County, Newport Beach & Co. and Santa Monica Travel and Tourism.