Arts For All Nevada: A Rebranding Effort for a Good Cause

Each year, Noble Studios selects one nonprofit through its Noble Deeds outreach program and donates digital services to the organization. After a flood of applications and a series of intensive interviews with finalists, Noble chose VSA Nevada, a statewide organization that provides quality arts opportunities for children and adults of all ages and abilities, for its first Noble Deeds project.

VSA had several needs. First, the group was looking for a name change and complete rebrand. VSA also was in need of a digital overhaul, including the requirement that the new site be responsive.

On Noble’s end, we were looking for a full-service project that best utilized our services from strategic planning to design and development to measurement.

During the five-month project, Noble Studios applied its signature “Think/Make/Measure” process by conducting extensive brand discovery research, rebranding VSA as Arts for All Nevada and completely overhauling the nonprofit’s website to be responsive, displaying beautifully across all device types including desktop, tablet and mobile. Noble’s efforts also included the Arts for All name as well as the design of a new logo.


arts for all nevada logo

First, our Strategic Planning team sat down with VSA’s board members to get a better sense of the organization’s goals for the redesign and rebrand. With a firm understanding of how VSA wanted to portray itself, we began the rebranding process. Several names were considered, but VSA felt strongly that Arts for All Nevada spoke to the inclusive nature of the organization. The logo, which fits into an outline of the state of Nevada, sparks immediate recognition of what the group does and the areas it serves.


arts for all nevada

The website features a simplified structure, with strong, clear calls to action in the navigation, i.e. “Donate” and “Get Involved.” Upcoming classes are featured prominently on the home page, while a paneled, interactive graphic paints a clear picture of the organization’s past and present.

arts for all nevada wireframes

Year over year, Arts For All’s page views have increased dramatically, while sessions are up and the bounce rate is down. The site also has seen a jump in speed, with average page load time down 41.81 percent and server response time down 64.52 percent.

Moreover, Arts for All now has a new site, logo and brand that fully reflect the group’s mission and one that, true to the group’s mission, is accessible to everyone.