University of California – Responsive Website Launch

After 144 years with the same Victorian seal, last winter the University of California’s (UC) parent company rolled out its new brand. The UC system has chosen Noble Studios to help extend its new brand into a digital experience.

UC helps drive California’s economy and shape the world through its distinguished faculty, leading research, and innovative thought leadership. The parent website is the marketing hub and information portal for projects affecting the university system and its 10 campuses. Our team is in the process of collecting data from all of the UC schools to build a more personal experience.

The new website will be responsive, allowing it to display beautifully across widescreens, tablets, and mobile devices. The technology behind a responsive website detects the height and width of the user’s device and optimizes the interface to render on any Web-based device. This will eliminate the need to pinch and zoom to navigate the site.

The new content strategy is also moving into a stronger story telling initiative, using the data collected via the website to personalize the UC experience statewide. Noble is working diligently with the UC team to improve the user experience and make it easier for site visitors to gain access to the university system’s content at key moments of interaction.

The new site will look and feel much different than UC’s existing one – especially if viewed from a mobile device. The goal is for all site visitors to have a consistent high quality user experience. Rather than manually shrinking a webpage to fit a smaller screen, with the new responsive design, the website will reformat the page and adjust both the content and graphics to exclude the need for horizontal scrolling.

The website will be completed in six stages: research and discovery, usability and design, development and internal deployment, testing, launch and quality assurance.

To get a better feel for what responsive design means and how it behaves, check out on a tablet or smartphone. Tilt your device and watch how the page seamlessly redesigns itself to fit to the new orientation.