Better Travel Planning with Pinterest Place Boards

This past weekend was the perfect weekend to relax with my family and bake. Of all the recipes to choose from, I chose to make pumpkin bread with a maple and pecan glaze.

My mind wondered while I waited for my dough to rise. I started thinking about my upcoming trip to Paris, France. It will be my first trip to Paris as well as my first time traveling out of the country. As you can imagine, I’ve been researching all things Paris – airfare, hotels and apartments, entertainment, sites and tours, museums and of course, places to wine and dine. I did what any woman or travel planner would do. I jumped onto Pinterest.

I started researching Paris. The first pins to appear were about the Louvre Museum, Paris Métro, Palais Garnier and the Eiffel Tower. How am I to remember all these wonderful places to visit? An itinerary is an obvious choice; however, I can imagine myself walking through Paris – multiple maps, a long list of places to see and things to do and a translator in hand. Complete tourist. If only I could have my schedule somewhere compact and convenient. Pictures of each place would be an added bonus.

Hello, Pinterest Place Boards.

After seeing more and more pinners create boards about their dream vacations, Pinterest recently added Place Pins and from the numbers it looks to be a powerful tool.

Place Pins allow you to map out item locations and share them on your pin board. It is powered by Foursquare, a free app that allows you to share and save the places you visit. Combined with images and maps, a pinner can access their pins from anywhere and get detailed information like phone numbers and addresses. Any pinner can make their own place board or explore what others have created.

One of my personal travel habits is to seek out the opinions of others and create an experience of my own. I searched Place Boards created by users and well-known travel companies to see what they have put together for Paris travelers. Here are just a few I found:

I also did some of my own research and began creating a Place Board of my own.

Pinterest has created a great tool for travelers like myself and tourism companies. Visiting a new travel destination can be intimidating – so this travel tool that fits in your pocket may ease the stress.

For now, I plan to move my research of Place Boards to the best bakeries and wine shops in Paris so I can indulge in baguettes, hand crafted pastries and vino.

You can view a collection of Place Boards Pinterest has put together to help inspire you. Share your favorite boards with us in the comment section below.