A/B Testing: You Have to Fail to Win

“Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.”

Aerospace engineer Burt Rutan coined this quote, which I assume came from years of trying to make planes go further, faster and look far cooler than the ones of the past.

This summer, Noble Studios sponsored the Opticon 2015 Conference, which was hosted by one of our newest strategic partners, Optimizely. The platform has become the market leader for creating an A/B testing technology solution and now is about to enter the personalization space in a big way.

Noble Studios is convinced that this approach to digital marketing and ad tech is the right approach. We’ll show you why we’re so convinced this is the case, but first, a bit of context. In my experience, it’s rare to attend a conference where the term “fail” is heard about 50 times a day, both on center stage and in workshops. Opticon, however, was all about celebrating making marketing mistakes before they became big time “f-ups.”

At its core, Optimizely is a technology all about learning to fail so you can succeed in a much bigger way. This platform allows you to do things that used to be out of reach in the past. For example, you can tap a small audience sample size on your website to try out new UX experiences, messaging, positioning, pricing and even cross-sell and upsell strategies.

What used to take complex integration and development, Optimizely can do in a fraction of the time and the cost. This should get you very excited.

Now you can test:

  • Whether changing navigation is going to create more leads
  • If your customers want new service offerings when they have made a past purchase
  • How local weather changes a buying preference
  • If lowering a price actually leads to more sales
  • Whether aligning on-page content with a paid search term could increase conversion

Best of all, this is not “all or nothing.” You can segment only a small portion of your audience to test ideas, then Optimizely will let you know when there is a clear winner based on statistical validation. The possibilities are not only endless, but they are much more cost-effective than before.

At Noble Studios we have been thinking of how our current process will change with Optimizely at the core of our offerings. So, we undertook a process to determine how we could create a culture where failing was okay. To prep for the conference, we created this infographic on what are the elements of creating a team approach to Experience Optimization or Optimizely’s new term for A/B testing on steroids.

Over the next few weeks, you will hear a lot more about our offerings in conjunction with Optimizely. However, if you are interested in seeing what your competitors are up to check out this report that shows how some of the best marketers are getting much more focused in this area.