Noble Studios Hosts Free Digital Marketing Workshop for Nonprofits

Digital Marketing Workshop for Nonprofits

Noble Studios will host a free digital marketing workshop for northern Nevada nonprofits. The workshop will take place at The Discovery Museum, Collaboratory Room on Wednesday, Oct. 18 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Noble Studios is passionate about making a lasting impact on the northern Nevada community. The agency created the Noble Deeds program which sees its team donating hundreds of hours of pro bono digital services to one northern Nevada nonprofit each year. Noble recognizes the need for nonprofits to be educated about digital marketing and is hosting this inaugural free workshop to help fill this need.

The half-day workshop is aimed at nonprofits looking to be more successful in their digital marketing efforts. Keynote topics include the importance and impact of a strong website along with a digital marketing strategy. The workshop will delve into how to use a variety of tools to make a website more effective, how to tell the non-profit’s story and reach target audiences through content marketing and social platforms, and how to optimize a website and blogs for search. Most importantly, the conference will educate nonprofits about Google Ad Grants and how they can apply to start receiving thousands of dollars in free Google Advertising dollars.

For nonprofits interested in registering for the workshop, fill out a request form here or email Space is limited, registration is recommended as soon as possible. Registrants may be required to show proof of nonprofit status.