Three Tips To Prepare You For Google’s Expanded Text Ads

Google expanded text ads.

Ever since Google announced it would be taking a mobile-first approach to search, new changes have been rolling out. Earlier this year, Google removed ads from the right-rail of desktop SERPs, making it appear similar to its mobile view. Google then started to reward sites with elevated ranking that were not only mobile-ready but were set up to be “mobile-speedy.” Now Google is changing AdWords text ads to become the new Google Expanded Ads, keeping in line with the Google mobile-first world mentality.

Google Expanded Text Ads | Before & After

What is changing? 

Headlines are growing from the current 25 character limit into two 30 character headlines (140 percent larger), while description copy will increase from the current 70 characters to the newly expanded 80 characters (14 percent larger).

Upgraded ad components


Available later this year

More prominent headlines One 25-character headline Two 30-character headlines
Longer description line Two 35-character description lines One consolidated 80-character description line
Relevant display URL Manually entered display URL. Any mismatch between your display final and landing page URLs will cause your ad to be disapproved Domain automatically extracted from your final URL to ensure accuracy. You can customize the URL path.


How will this affect the clickthrough of AdWords Ads?

Based on earlier testing, some advertisers have reported increases in clickthrough rates of up to 20 percent compared with current text ads.

When will these changes take effect?

Some accounts are already seeing these changes, while all accounts will be migrated from the old sizes by the end of September 2016.

What do you need to do?

  • Review your current ad copy. Consider the copy you may have previously cut due to the limited headline space and prepare new ad copy for those ads based on your observations.
  • Prepare as many new ads as you’d like, before Google moves you over. This way, you will be ahead of the curve and able to implement quickly.
  • Once your newly extended ads are live, compare all of your statistics from before the conversion. Make sure that the changes you have made benefit you in clicks and conversions – for all device types. Remember, more text is not better unless it drives a desired outcome.

Follow these helpful hints, and you may soon be the Daenerys Targaryen (or ‘One true ruler’) of the mobile-first world.



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