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It’s the place where design and function come together. It’s where barriers fall, giving way to brilliance. It’s the place where your wildest dreams become your everyday reality.

As early adopters of the in–house development team concept, Noble has a radically progressive take on design and development. We don’t accept that the two should live in separate silos. We know from experience that a developer who understands form as well as function is a major asset to your brand.

And this belief shows in the ways we solve your problems.

It might be a simple, scrappy solution like tapping Google Spreadsheets for your CMS, or it might mean getting our hands dirty with NodeJS, MongoDB and Angluar to customize your database.

Either way, each careful decision is calculated to bring you a memorable site that remains scalable as your business evolves.



Contextualizing Experiences using
GeoLocation / IP technology

With an abundance of events on the Newport Beach website, visitors could quickly face information overload without some sort of filtering process. Using geolocation and Geo IP, our development team pinpointed visitor location, showing events on a Google Map based on how far away the visitor is.

The end goal was to drive people to visit Newport Beach and its business stakeholders in person, and this clever solution made it easier for visitors to visualize their vacation. Combined with offer codes that track conversions, the site has been a huge success – both for Newport Beach and for its visitors.





Businesses within Businesses

Tapping into our e-commerce expertise, Noble used the Magento platform to tackle the problem of flagging online sales for Haws Co. Once our strategy team identified key audiences, we implemented a secure infrastructure for meeting online payment compliance recommendations, while handling a vast and diverse product base and staying actively engaged with the user. The result? A highly-usable site that better speaks to its audience along with increased revenue for the client.




Scalability, Abstraction and Personalization

With a virtual patchwork of affiliated schools sites, the University of California system needed a big win with this rebuild. It also had to happen within a very tight timeframe.

Our challenge: to hit measurable scalability marks to support thousands of concurrent users while providing a crash course in advanced web hosting to UC administrators. We worked with the UC internal technical team and were able to accomplish this along with ADA compliancy and security concerns without sacrificing quality.




Offering a closer look

Perception is everything. When the University of Nevada Reno faced a perception problem, it needed impactful visuals to tell its story. A “choose your own adventure” style campus tour with a simple interface did the job and then some.


Content is King

Autodesk is the undisputed leader in computer drafting, but the company sought to stoke the embers of the industry with some serious thought leadership. The Line//Shape//Space blog was the answer to this problem.

Noble went all hands on deck, launching a beta version of the site within 24 hours of the request. Over a period of months, we turned Line//Shape//Space into a flagship product that advanced the industry and picked up a fistful of awards. In the end, our job was to get out of the way and let Autodesk publish content with style.


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My Queens Experience

Queens University of Charlotte needed a way to put itself on the radar of prospective students. Our solution was a virtual, customizable tour. Integrating Queens’ in-house CMS platforms to provide responsive, rich user experiences was key to this. We also developed a high quality front-end experience while providing training and support on implementation.


Hearts & Minds

No one should have to search long and hard to get information from a hospital website. Information like ER wait times and driving directions.

Northern Nevada’s largest hospital network needed a new site with specific uptime and data requirements, and fast. Noble used WordPress and tailored many of the actions and hooks to meet these requirements – including the need for stored data to never be at rest – thus knocking this one out of the park.



Frolicking through the Data

With dozens of separate YouTube channels, Century 21 needed a quick, real-time way to aggregate data and funnel it into a single channel to be used by nationwide homebuyers. We blended technologies, using Google maps and YouTube to create a database of searchable properties from videos submitted by Century 21 Realtors. We pulled data from the various channels to build a database for a richer map experience for users using a MEAN stack. Which is badass.


Thinking Outside of the Box

With the Niantic project, Google had a two-week timeline. It wanted bootstrap solutions. Rather than build a new CMS for Google’s Ingress game, we dove into the Google AppEngine and tapped Google Spreadsheets as the database, while using Python to cache the dataset to the server. This gave Google a secure system, letting Noble focus on the end user experience and allowing Google to test out augmented reality while building more robust maps based on feedback from the game.


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