Do you hear that buzzing? Buzzzz, buzzzzz, buzzzzzz. That’s the marketing experts around the world talking about personalization in travel & tourism. But what does personalization mean for a destination? Download our whitepaper, written in partnership with VWO, to learn everything destination marketing organizations need to know to launch an effective personalization strategy, or take their current program to the next level.

Learn how to:

Leverage emotion to drive action
Personalize your site for new vs. returning visitors
Create experiences based on geography
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What is Personalization in the Travel Industry?

Essentially, personalization is a one-to-one marketing strategy that leverages consumer data, analytics and digital technologies to deliver users custom content and messaging that is tailored to their unique interests. Historically, destination marketers have focused on best practices in mass communications in hopes of reaching as many potential travelers as possible with generalized campaign messaging. Thanks to innovations in data analytics and marketing technologies, the tides are turning toward personalized digital experiences; it is the future of marketing in the travel and tourism industry.