Get Your Learnin’ On: 7 Things You’ll Love about Opticon

“Serving up the best possible online experiences is not just advantageous – it’s essential.” Wise words from a recent blog post by Optimizely. You might not know Optimizely by name, but it’s quietly one of the most powerful secret weapons a website can use. When a site like Netflix or Facebook seems to intuitively know you better than you do, it’s Optimizely or a similar tool at work.

Noble Studios uses Optimizely to compare different versions of headlines, copy, images and the like to determine what will lead to a better user experience and more conversions on your site. If you’ve always wondered about the art and science behind boosting your conversions, Optimizely’s Opticon conference in San Francisco June 17-18 is for you. There will be more than 1,200 leaders and educators from the optimization industry on hand, giving you a chance to learn best practices and forge new connections. The event will feature Noble Studios’ roundtable discussion on June 17 covering five real-world tips you can put into practice immediately to start seeing higher conversion rates.

Still need convincing? Here are seven more compelling reasons to check out Opticon in person.

  1. To Join 1,200+ leaders in the optimization community. As the premier optimization event in the industry, Opticon presents a great opportunity to network with leaders and thoughts leaders in the optimization community.
  2. Marc Andreessen as keynote. Andreessen is an innovator and creator; he is one of the few to pioneer a software category used by more than a billion people.
  3. Great content. Andreesen is just the first of many inspiring speakers set to present at Opticon. Attendees gain access to 30-plus sessions to hear from speakers and learn best practices, tip and tricks to take their optimization program to the next level.
  4. The parties. Attendees will have an opportunity to join Optimizely and its partners for a customer gala on June 17.
  5. Product announcements. Optimizely has been working hard on some great innovations all year long. Attendees of Opticon will be the first to hear these product announcements and learn how they can transform their business.
  6. Training. Optimizely will provide three product training sessions in conjunction with Opticon. The sessions will take place the day before Opticon, with a focus on mobile, technology and strategy. If you purchase a ticket to both Opticon and an Optimizely training session, you can save $100 on the training ticket.
  7. The Experience. The official tagline for the conference is, “It’s All About the Experience,” and it promises not to disappoint. Opticon will deliver an engaging, refreshing experience for all attendees.

Come join us in San Francisco for Opticon and for Noble’s roundtable talk, both of which will be enlightening and empowering experiences.