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Sometimes we can’t help it. We like to geek out over typography, color palettes and navigation.

But we also tear down design and content silos only to rebuild them into towering skyscrapers of meaningful user experience.

Because when you live in silos, it’s hard to see what’s around you. But when those walls come down, you can start fresh, building a site that really gets to the essence of what your brand is all about.

We find the elements that define you and apply them to every touch point of your site. Whitespace, imagery, forms, product descriptions: All seemingly small bits and pieces that come together to create one unforgettable experience.

Our core belief is that painstakingly-constructed experiences like these lead to tangible transactions. This is what makes Noble a digital original.

Because good sites are built for visitors, but Noble sites are made for buyers.


The University of Nevada, Reno wanted to reach tech-savvy high school students with the goal of encouraging them to apply. With this project, we captured the feeling of being at the University virtually. We designed and developed an interactive campus tour with customizable components so prospective students could envision their specific needs being met by the UNR college experience.

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Autodesk Line/Shape/Space Responsive

From initial sketches to final product, Noble built an engaging, content-centric business blog website for Autodesk. Line//Shape//Space has visual assets that draw people deeper into the site while providing an optimal, responsive experience across mobile devices, tablets and wide-screen layouts. Noble’s work on Line//Shape//Space won a Webby Award, but more importantly was insightful, beautiful and easy to use.

School PathwaysWith a clean, clearly delineated design, School Pathways’ site allows educators to post students’ schedules, activities and more data, giving parents the ability to keep track of their children’s busy lives. Noble took a ton of disparate data and made it manageable for School Pathways front-end and back-end users.

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Guy Fieri Restaurant App

Guy Fieri Restaurant App

Guy Fieri: not one of those personalities people are indifferent about. For fans of the tattooed-goateed-spiked-haired Food Network host, Fieri is more than just a TV guy. He’s a full-on, in-your-face, one man brand topped with Donkey Sauce and Northern California attitude. To give Guy’s fans more of what they want, we created an app complete with a map pointing fans to Triple D restaurants in their area along with Fieri recipes, news and his latest blog posts.

The Katy Perry brand is all about color, youthfulness and spontaneity. To reflect this in a contest we created for Perry, we used an abundance of pinks and light blues along with whimsical images in a fun and playful Facebook environment that allowed users to design their own Katy Perry poster. Through the web interface, fans would select a background and then drag and drop accessories, titles and pictures of Katy Perry to build a custom poster. Designed with young fans in mind, the contest allowed entrants to move, resize and rotate assets to help achieve a certain vision. Once the fan was satisfied with the design, they published it to a public gallery where it could be shared with other Katy Cats.

Meltwater Group Logo

The missing piece of Meltwater’s puzzle was a kickass UX/UI. Its previous site worked, but wasn’t optimized for either users or sales reps who wanted to show the site’s ability to pull news stories from thousands of sources.

We undertook a design overhaul that included skinning the site to create an asset library along with buttons and toolbars for easier use. This reboot gave Meltwater an intuitive, custom dashboard that made life significantly easier for Meltwater sales reps to sell the product and for consumers to use it.

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