How Noble uses Optimizely to Make Better Decisions


Being an industry leader means never standing still. Never getting comfortable. Time and again, this is the approach Noble Studios has modeled as we’ve striven to be digital marketing innovators. Case in point: our partnership with Optimizely.

Known for its A/B testing tools, Optimizely provides companies with data to drive better, more informed decisions. With Optimizely, cart abandonment rates drop, content clicks better with readers and conversion rates tend to jump. So, it’s natural Noble Studios would want to tap the power of Optimizely for our clients.

Each member of the Noble Account Services team recently achieved Optimizely Platform certification. To obtain certification, we each took an intense, 60-quesiton multiple-choice exam, timed at 60 minutes. The platform certification shows a full understanding of Optimizely and is the prerequisite to becoming a certified partner. A score of 80 percent or higher – along with annual recertification – is needed in order to pass. The eight Noblebots taking the certification went through the entire Optimizely study guide, creating shared drives for notes and questions and setting up study groups. Our high score was 99 percent, with two team members only missing a single question.

To further cement and deepen our partnership, we took a trip to nearby San Francisco to see Optimizely firsthand and to learn at the feet of the masters. While there, we learned that that passing this exam is part of the Optimizely hiring process, so we got some major brownie points when, on our visit, we told the Optimizely team we were all certified. To add to the excitement, we even got a chance to brainstorm with the Optimizely strategy team on Noble’s first enterprise client to engage with the platform.

It was amazing to see the Optimizely team hard at work. Their strategists showed us some awesome experiments to set up for our clients, and they even brainstormed ways to improve the user experience on different sites with us.

So, What’s in it for You?

The benefits of testing can not be overstated. In a recent blog post, Optimizely pointed out how social sharing site Digg saw a 25 percent drop in traffic after rolling out an untested design, while sports retailer Soccerloco used Optimizely testing to realize a 26 percent boost in sales over 90 days. That’s not only a big deal, but it’s good news for our clients. Why? Because Optimizely’s array of products fit perfectly with we at Noble call the Think, Make, Measure process. It helps us leverage the testing capabilities during our planning (Think) phase, to understand exactly how users want to experience a website. Using Optimizely’s personalization tool helps provide users with the most relevant content during the building (Make) phase so you can see gains like Soccerloco and not drops like Digg. And, by relying on the Optimizely Stats Engine in the optimization and measurement (Measure) phase, we see real-time stats, which ensures you always have a true measurement of what’s going on with your site.

As an Optimizely Partner, Noble will get training, certification and early access to new products and features. Optimizely partners also have a dedicated partner manager to help develop new opportunities and collateral for clients, and direct support from Optimizely’s technical team. This will ensure Noble’s clients are getting the most possible value from the Optimizely platform.

In short, the partnership with Optimizely will allow us to create fluid websites for you that are constantly improving, attracting new fans and helping to build your brand.