Facebook Apps for Business

Businesses create Facebook pages to stay connected with their existing customers and gain new followers. With a fan page, businesses can showcase their brand with a beautiful header image. But pages are about more than simply showcasing your brand, they’re about engaging and reaching your target audiences. Promotions, contest or special announcements are a great way to interact with users and build longer lasting relationships. To do so, you should consider creating a Facebook app. An app can integrate with many aspects of Facebook, including the news feed and notifications.

If you’d like to share custom content that uses HTML, JavaScript or CSS, it can be done by creating an app and adding it to your page as a tab. Apps can be built with any level of custom development. For example, you can create a game and add it to your page as a tab. Many brands including Nike, Autodesk, Air Asia, to name a few, have built unique apps to showcase new products, make announcements, or host facecasts.

You can even embed your website content into your page with an app. That way you can leverage the same content in two different areas. If you need advice on what kind of app is right for your business, I’d be happy to walk you through the process. Take a close look at the features below to help you get a better understanding and decide what works best for your business.

Features within a Facebook app:

  • Bookmarks: Enables users to easily navigate back to your app from within Facebook. It appears on the left column of the homepage.
  • Notifications: Apps can use this feature to allow users to invite their friends, which brings more traffic to the app.
  • News Feed Stories: Facebook shares stories with friends when a user starts using a new app or interacts with an app which makes it viral.
  • Analytics: Facebook provides Insights for your app to track how users are interacting with your app to build the best possible experience for your users.

If your brand has a native iOS or Android app you can direct the traffic from mobile devices to download apps from the respective app stores. Facebook recently released App Center, a new place for people to find social apps. Each app is provided with an app detail page, which allows users to see what makes the app unique and lets them install it before going to an app.

Some of my favorite Facebook apps are:

  • Spotify: This app makes music sharing really easy. It posts updates about playlists and songs added by friends using Open Graph API.
  • Glassdoor: A great way to grow your professional network in Facebook. You can learn about companies, salaries and people’s lifestyles. It has a good user interface and features.
  • Groupon: An awesome way to get the latest local deals to restaurants, stores and more. Plus, it is easy to use.