Tips to Effectively Promote your Brand on Facebook

I am surprised by the number of marketers who are still unaware that not all of their posts show up in their fans’ news feed. On average, a marketer’s post is not seen by 84 percent of its fans.

Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to display pertinent and meaningful content to its users. If a fan isn’t interacting (liking, commenting, sharing, clicking) with your posts, then Facebook assumes they are no longer interested and will stop showing your content in their news feed.

This article, however, is not about EdgeRank.  So if you want to learn more about EdgeRank and how it works, take a look at this study by SproutSocial.

What this article is about is how to maximize the distribution of the content you post on Facebook.

Free Tactics

  1. Post interesting photos and videos because people interact with these mediums most often. An interaction, as defined by Facebook, is when a user clicks to open a larger photo or plays a video.
  2. Share links to interesting content. Clicking on a link qualifies as an interaction.
  3. Ask a question encouraging users to comment and easily participate in the conversation. Comments are also measured as interactions, which Facebook uses to determine EdgeRank. Pay attention though. The “Questions” feature has received mixed results and may not work with your audience. Test this type of post to determine if it’s a good tactic for your page.
  4. Prompt people to “Like” the content you post.  Use this tactic sparingly. You don’t want to desensitize your fans by asking too much.
  5. Promotions and contests are great ways to boost engagement. Make sure the contest is line with your brand and overall social strategy; don’t just give something away for the sake of boosting engagement. It could backfire.  Your long term engagement will be much better off if you attract the right type of fans.
  6. Get in front of people when they have time to interact with your content. If your products are geared to consumers, you will likely post in the early morning, during lunch and after dinner. To determine best times, develop and test a deliberate posting schedule.
  7. Once you know when to post, you need to determine frequency. Your content should be meaningful and relevant to your audience. If you have nothing to post, don’t.

Paid Tactics

  1. Facebook Ads are a great way to gain distribution of your content. Ads appear in the right hand column next to the news feed. They are powerful because you can hyper-target them based on a slew of factors like geography, age, gender, interests, connections, etc.
  2. Sponsored Stories are also a great way to take a post and place it into the ad space to the right of the news feed. Think of this as an ad, with all the targeting capabilities using the image and copy from one of your existing posts.
  3. Facebook recently introduced Promoted Page Posts that allow you to somewhat bypass EdgeRank and pay for a greater distribution. These allow you to be seen by a greater number of your fans and extend this distribution to “friends of fans.”
  4. Reach Generator is similar to Promoted Page Posts because it allows you to bypass EdgeRank but it is more ambitious. Using Reach Generator, ALL of the content you post receives a guaranteed 75 percent distribution to your fan base. Currently, you have to contact Facebook to purchase this service.

No matter which tactic you choose, driving awareness for your products or services is about finding an authentic way to be in front of your consumers. Be there because you’re relevant, not because you can scream louder than your competitors.