Six Reasons to do Business in Reno, Nevada

Funny thing about owning a tech company in Reno is that I get asked, “why Reno” from more locals than people who live out of the area. It’s easy to tout my weekend warrior plans to work on the Tahoe Rim Trail, fly-fishing before work or being able to golf and ski in the same day to people who dream of such endeavors in their daily routine.

I recently sat next to a lady on a flight to New York who works in HR at Amazon. When I told her what I do for a living, her response made me even prouder of my decision to do business in Reno. She said Amazon recruits from all over the world but northern Nevada and Colorado continue to be the most difficult places to recruit tech talent. Once people work and play in Reno, they want to stay. “How do you like them apples, Big Apple?”

Six reasons why I love to live, work and play in Reno:

  1. Reno has a favorable tax climate and an even better cost of living. However, there are even more perks to owning and operating a tech business in northern Nevada than meets the eye. While somewhat subjective, these are essential contributors to Noble Studios’ continued success over the years.
  2. Loyalty is pivotal. While our colleagues on the east and west coasts witness high turnover rates and lower employee satisfaction, we are able to maintain a 95 percent retention rate. We have been fortunate to be surrounded by loyal vendors, like-minded industry colleagues, competitors, and employees. Dirty isn’t the name of the game here… reputation is.
  3. One to two flights to either coast. We don’t have to spend an extra $20 per person to get through the gate faster. On average, when I fly out of Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO), I am able to make it from the parking lot to the gate in less than 30 minutes. The airport staff is always friendly. The real bonus, Reno is a one-hour flight to 10 larger markets on the western coast, making it a favorite among business travelers (just ask one of our business developers). You can fly to San Francisco in the morning, for example, work all day and still make it home in time to say goodnight to your family.
  4. Passion is in the water. This side of the Sierras offers a hotspot for creative thinking, entrepreneurial drive, and a thirst for innovation. The people here are motivated by making a positive difference in the community and still having a family life. In other words, they want to leave behind a legacy both professionally and personally. So northern Nevadans, I ask why not Reno?
  5. I have a passion for doing business in Nevada because of the people. Unlike other cities I’ve been, reputation and a handshake mean something here. This is a place where thinking outside the box and solving the unsolvable happens. People here are humble warriors who would participate at the drop of a hat in a battle worth fighting for. They do their best and reminisce about their challenges with a glint of satisfaction, knowing they learned something along the way. Reno is the perfect nesting ground for the future of technology because people here do it for the passion first.
  6. Reno is becoming a tech hub. Just ask anyone at Apple why they are opening a Reno-based data center. Ask anyone at Noble Studios, 3G Studios, or ShortStack why they chose to build their tech companies here. In fact, ask any of our clients in the Bay Area. It is all of the reasons I mentioned above. As more tech companies have their eye on the Reno-Tahoe area, open another location or even startup here, the stronger we will become. Read the headlines and you will see, the perception of Reno is already changing – Reno is a tech hub!

A word for the passionate: If you ever see me in passing, please tell me why you love doing business here. I’d love to add another bullet point to my list the next time I’m asked “why Reno?”

This article was published in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly and a version of this article also appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal.