Giving Back to the Community is Rewarding

We volunteer. We mentor. We donate.

Why, you ask? It’s an amazing way to build company culture. This year, the Noble Studios team has collectively donated and volunteered more than 1700 hours of time and services to Nevada nonprofits.

There are plenty of reasons you and your team should give back and volunteer.

  • It just feels awesome. Success means nothing if you have no one to share it with.
  • Relationship building. We’ve developed strong relationships with our clients, co-workers and other business professionals through volunteer efforts.
  • Employee retention and recruitment. People like doing business and working for people they admire and respect.
  • Learning new skills. Volunteering presents challenges and opportunities to explore different industries and jobs.
  • Gain a new perspective. It encourages us to keep an open mind and experience moments we may not have had otherwise.

At Noble, we are empowered to give back and of course, we all have our favorite charitable organizations. I, for example, look forward to supporting the Las Vegas Rotary’s Santa Clothes program every year. Santa Clothes connects an adult volunteer with a child in need of a winter wardrobe. The pairs have one hour to scour the racks at JCPenney before the store opens to the public. Generous support from sponsors allows each child to buy shoes, jackets, and warm winter clothes.

My first year as a sponsor and volunteer, I shopped with an 8-year-old boy wearing his 17-year-old brother’s shoes. It felt amazing to help him pick out his first pair of shoes. The second year I volunteered, I was matched with a boy who had never stepped foot in a department store or ridden on an escalator. The look on his face as he shopped was priceless. Last year, I was paired with a little girl who wanted to take extra donuts home for her sisters. I had to hold back the tears.

Seeing the joy on the kids’ faces and knowing they will have shoes that fit comfortably and warm clothing for the cold winter ahead is indescribable. I love knowing 100 percent of my donation and time goes directly to the children.

It’s $100 to sponsor a child. This will be my fourth year helping with Santa Clothes. I’m proud to report my 2-year-old twins, Liv and Mia, will sponsor one child and Noble will sponsor five kids this year to help the Rotary reach its yearly goal of helping 300 children. If you or your company is interested in making a contribution to Santa Clothes, visit the Las Vegas Rotary. Thank you for your consideration.