Lovely Leading Ladies Flourish

Some of the lovely ladies of Noble Studios attended Flourish: The Leadership Conference for Women on June 20th, 2014. The conference was held at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa and was attended by three of our very own leading ladies Christine Harcinske, Crystal Blahnik, myself and 300 other local women leaders. Flourish was comprised of five different breakout sessions, bookended by two keynotes and an entrepreneur panel that our very own Season Lopiccolo sat on.

The day began with a flourish of creativity in an activity that Sharon DeMattia calls, Art Inside Me. In this exercise, or experience as I would call it, we were asked to take a blank silhouetted canvas and a kaleidoscope of fabric pens and show who we are on the inside.

This didn’t seem like it would be a difficult task, but after about five minutes of staring at my blank canvas and the people around me already getting started, I began to get nervous. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and dug deep into the things/words/people/experiences that make me happy. Then it hit me all at once. “I love structure, order, color, rainbows (naturally in the correct color progression), staying within the lines and words,” I exclaimed to myself. I was learning about myself and the people around me who were busy expressing themselves on their canvases.

After an hour, the three of us split up into breakout sessions. I decided to check out Amber Barnes’ session on Letting Go of Perfectionism and Cheryl Erwin’s Creating Joy and Balance in the Midst of Your Busy Life. Crystal and Christine attended Krystal Tingle’s What’s your L.O.V.E. Story?, Caroyn Lazaro’s Design Your Life, and LaVonne Brooks’ session on Hearing is to Music as Listening is to Understanding. Each of us came back together, shared what our biggest takeaways were and what we learned about ourselves.

Amidst all this soul searching, Season, three other local entrepreneurial female phenoms and Sharon Sperry (our newest Noblebot as moderator) jumped on stage and shared how their stories are not so different from our own and how they became successful leaders in our community.

As the day began to wind down, Christine, Crystal and myself got back to our art projects. We learned that we have a difficult time leaving things unfinished. At that point, it was time for the last speaker of the day, Anna Maria Cháves, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. Her story of reaching for the stars and never accepting anything less was incredibly heartfelt and inspiring.

My biggest takeaway from this conference (other than accepting myself exactly as I am) is this: my perception of the Girls Scouts was wrong. The Girl Scouts are NOT a bunch of cookie pushers! They are an organization that cultivates confidence in our female youth and builds our future leaders by breaking the stereotypes that our world still holds around women. Did you know…

  • 10 of 17 women (59%) in the United States Senate are former Girl Scouts
  • 53% of all women business owners are former Girl Scouts
  • Today, there are 3.2 million Girl Scouts – 2.3 million girl members and 890,000 adult members working primarily as volunteers
  • The Girls Scouts are a global organization that increases awareness and cross-cultural learning opportunities and inspire them to take action (Girl Scouts, 2014)

Think about the Girl Scouts’ goals as your own and take action. Flourish. Be excellent. Be a leading lady.