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We’re a creative digital performance marketing agency that specializes in delivering potent paid search marketing services to our clients. Through extensive strategic planning, compelling creative and cutting-edge technological expertise, we know how to leverage the power of Google’s algorithm and influence it in your favor so you can get in front of your audience and stand out from your competition.


The Noble Approach to Paid Search Marketing

Paid search is interactive, intent-based marketing, so without an approach that covers all your bases and hones in on the wants and needs of your customers, you’re left swinging for the fences with no clear target or understanding of how to reach your audience. Paid search can stand alone, but we think it performs best when it’s part of an integrated search approach that incorporates SEO to make the most of SERP real estate.

From discovery and goal setting, strategy development, account build out, ongoing account management to reporting and analysis — our comprehensive approach to paid search marketing empowers us to help you rise above your competition in the SERP, and drive home more leads to your website.


“There’s a lot of factors that go into traffic coming to our website, but Noble is a huge chunk of that success—triple-digit increase in traffic from launch to today. We get referrals to hotel websites as a part of our paid campaigns, and those have tripled if not quadrupled since launch.”

Santa Monica

Paid Search Marketing Services


Audience, Keyword & Competitive Research

Before launching any paid search marketing campaign, we conduct in depth audience reviews, keyword discovery and competitive research. We’re able to create a paid search marketing roadmap on how to most effectively target your audiences that integrates with all of your marketing tactics and business goals. We’ll use this roadmap to inform your paid search marketing campaign, and continually conduct ROI analysis so you know you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Got all sorts of audiences? No problem – see how we leveraged advanced targeting techniques to segment six unique audiences for Reno-Tahoe International Airport.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Audits

Before any long adventure, you have to look under the hood and assess the condition of your engine. That’s exactly what we do with search engine marketing audits to reveal how your previous campaigns have performed so we can determine which keywords and channels yield the most potential for traffic and conversions.

We use this extensive assessment of your existing paid search activities to inform your paid search marketing strategy.


Bid Management

Paid search marketing involves bidding for ad space and specific high-converting keywords on the SERP. If you really want your ad up top on the SERP, you have to manage bidding in real time so you aren’t knocked off by a competitor.

As part of our mission to be better every day, we are tenacious and never give up in our pursuit to deliver the strongest results for your business that reach all of your key performance indicators (KPIs).


Conversion Tracking

You have conversion goals, and we have the tools to track them using advanced conversion tracking software such as HubSpot CRM and other leading analytical platforms. Through conversion tracking, we monitor engagement metrics and your customers’ paths to conversion that tell us what’s working and what’s not, so our team can help you optimize the customer experience. We ensure your key performance indicators (KPIs) are maintained while always keeping an eye for more opportunities to expand your market influence.


Conversion Rate Optimization

You don’t know what you don’t test — and testing is in our blood. Through conversion rate optimization (CRO) and experimentation, we’re able to continually monitor and improve the performance of your paid search marketing campaigns in real time.

CRO also enables another level of personalization to your paid search campaigns. We’re able to test the performance of various copy and design elements with specific audience segments, and swap them in and out with what performs best.


Custom Reporting

Every paid search marketing campaign is unique and so should your reporting. We create custom reports that lay out your campaign from a holistic view so you can see the impact of every aspect of your campaign.

Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, we will sit down and discuss with you how your paid search marketing campaign is going. These assessments help you be aware of the changes being made, as well as highlight what changes to the paid search landscape are happening so we can plan accordingly.


Paid Search Case Studies

Paid Search Marketing FAQs


What is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid search marketing is a form of intent-based digital advertising that enables businesses to buy sponsored ad space on search engine results pages (SERPS) like Google or Bing. Paid search marketing gets you in front of your target audience that is already actively looking for the product or service you provide. Paid search ads are pay-per-click, so until your ad is clicked on, you don’t pay for it. Businesses can capture customers at any point in their buyer’s journey through buying ad space for highly targeted keywords that reflect the buyer’s intent.

Why Do You Need Paid Search Marketing Services?

Google owns nearly 90 percent of the online search market. It’s simply where most of us consumers search for product or service information, so if you aren’t visible to customers where they’re already looking, how can you expect them to find your business in a sea of alternatives?

What is a Paid Search Campaign?

Paid search campaigns are marketing strategies businesses can leverage to reach specific audience segments searching for specific keywords and phrases on Google, Bing and other search engines. User’s searches are more often than not intent-based, and paid search campaigns can capture users in their specific part of the buyer’s journey and lead them closer to conversion. Paid search campaigns are also a great lead generation tool businesses can use to increase their market visibility and increase the number of conversions or highly qualified prospects.

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