Happy Holidays!

‘Twas the night before deadline,

when all through the shop
Many were working to the sound of electro pop.
The product was not done and needed QA,
All Noblebots were ready to hit the hay.

The PMs could not send everyone to bed,
so opened Rockstars to wake them up instead.
The deadline was nearing, perfection in sight.
Hope was among them to not make it a long night.

When out of their seats, the dev team sprang without care,
and joyously threw their hands so high in the air.
The one piece all week that was giving them grief
did what was intended, to their own relief.

The Bots began to browser test and rejoice
and one-by-one yelled until hoarse in the voice.

On Firefox! On Explorer! And of course, Chrome!
On Safari! On tablets! As well as ALL phones!
The PMs called the client and giggled with glee,
the creatives high-fived, and packed up to flee.

And the thrilled client approved to launch the new site.
Accounting cheered as budget was met with delight.
The lights were turned off and the computers put to rest
Noblebots laughed, they did their best.

The office became quiet as if it a dream.
Here at Noble, things aren’t always as they seem.
It comes with the job, we always strive for what’s right

Happy holidays from the Noble team,
and to all a good night!