SXSW Three a Day – Part 4

It was another great day at SXSW. We tapped into everything the large-scale conference had to offer us – new and existing connections, private speaking engagements, entertainment and of course, amazing food and drink.

TOMS Brews Up a Surprise

SXSW usually throws several newsworthy events into the week. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes, announced the company’s first foray into the food and beverage industry. TOMS coffee will appear in Whole Foods across the country. The first TOMS coffee store will open in Austin, followed by other stores across the country including San Francisco and Portland.

TOMS will continue the one-for-one model. For every coffee product purchased, TOMS will focus on providing clean water to developing countries. Coffee processing is a massive water hog. If you want to get your own free sample of TOMS coffee, just text “bean” to 75309 and you will receive a free bag. Mycoskie is an amazing speaker. I highly recommend hearing him speak if you ever get the chance.

Full ahead Sulu

I didn’t know what to expect from George Takei, Sulu of Star Trek fame for those too young to remember the original series. It just pains me to write that. What an activist for human rights in a very interesting life – from World War II Japanese American internment camps to breaking racial stereotypes onboard the Starship Enterprise.

I had the opportunity to meet his longtime partner in the audience. They both came across as genuine, approachable and humble. See what he is doing with AARP. He was a brilliant choice as a spokesperson as he appeals to a large cross-section of generations.

I’m full

Despite walking several miles every day, I seem to have added a few pounds. The food truck culture is as good as advertised.  From Korean BBQ hamburgers, lobster rolls, and the best Asian grilled brussel sprout salad, it lives up to the hype and it is worth waiting in long lines. Now I need the post SXSW diet app.

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