SXSW Three a Day – Part 3

We spent a lot of time walking through more neighborhoods in Austin. Here are some things that caught our eye at SXSW.

There are no secrets

Getty Images had a great pop up space and we stumbled across renowned photojournalist Al Bello giving a talk. Al is the chief sports photographer in North America for Getty. Check out his work here.

He summed up the best thing about SXSW in saying “there are no secrets.” People are decidedly “open source” with sharing information here. Give the secret sauce.

Recycle Swag

I love this idea. A non-profit encouraging us “techies” to donate the swag we don’t want to the homeless in Austin. Las Vegas, take note.

Post No Handbills

I’m not sure who figured this out, but you know how telephone poles and light posts end up covered with flyers and stickers during massive events? Here, the locals wrap every street pole and crossing station with industrial size saran wrap. It speaks to how this town embraces the onslaught of SXSW. Roll with it! Minimize the downside when it’s gone. And most importantly, reap the benefits. Organizers estimate the festival brought $218 million to Austin in 2013. By all accounts, this year appears even bigger.

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