Three a Day the SXSW Way – Preview

After years of talking myself out of attending because I was too busy with other agency work, I leave for SXSW tonight.

I am excited to get a chance to see some of the world’s best speakers and I am sure I will give the liver and feet a workout.

It will also be interesting to see if my plan to “connect” with people that we have not seen in a long time – or ever met – happens as we deal with the mass of humanity (30k+) that will invade Austin for the next five days.

Noble Studios CEO, Jarrod Lopiccolo will be along for the trip.  We are lucky enough to have family willing to let us crash their pad five minutes from downtown.

As an experiment and a chance to reinvigorate my social media participation, I will be taking pictures and writing down some thoughts about what inspires me during our first SXSW.  These thoughts will be organized in three pictures that sum up the day and organized into a single blog post.  Look for those as the week unfolds.  In the meantime, are you guys interested in seeing anything in particular? Reach out via this blog or hit me on twitter at @mdthomas.

View photos and read more about #SXSW14: