Jarrod and Season Lopiccolo Lead Regional Inc. Business Council

Jarrod and Season Lopiccolo

Opening new doors.

That’s something we’ve seen happen time and again since being honored by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies, first in 2013 and again this year.

One of the biggest doors that has opened for us is that Season and I recently were asked to serve as regional co-Executive Directors of the San Francisco-Silicon Valley Business Owners’ Council.

What does that mean?

Ultimately, it means we get to be on the leading edge of successful business practices and such as implementing change. It not only helps us keep on top of what’s being adopted, but also of what’s being shelved. All businesses have to change over time. I strongly believe that if you’re doing what you did five years ago, you’re not going to be successful.

Our role with the Owners’ Council also gives us a connection with other entrepreneurs outside of the marketing world. Our small council of 10 members includes people from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographic home bases (we have a member who lives in Texas!), but the unifying factor is that they all face similar issues we do. Things like growth, employee challenges and maintaining a company culture.

We were introduced into the council last year by Lewis Schiff, who oversees all of Inc.’s biz councils across the country. Lewis’ idea was to capture the energy of the annual Inc. 5,000 conference and keep it going year-round through regional groups like ours.

At these meetings, we’re bringing in dynamic, high-caliber speakers like our recent book release party/council meeting with noted business author Bo Burlingham.

We’re also bringing in a speaker from Zappos to discuss company culture and its vital importance in growing a business. He’ll talk about how to incentivize and empower employees to create a fun working environment. That’s something we’re passionate about at Noble.

Being on this council really gives us concentrated doses of thought leadership. This is far better than just reading an inspirational or thoughtful article. We’re going right to the source with people who are actually making changes; people who have a proven track record of instilling their principles, their values and their processes inside a company.

As we work to schedule more events like these, we hope to give our council members unprecedented access to some of the top CEOs and thought leaders in America. We’re excited to help bring structure to that calendar over the next couple of years as we grow the group and have since implemented monthly meetings on the third Thursday of every month.

In the end, we want to bring back these lessons to our own culture here at Noble Studios. We’re looking to get inspired, grab knowledge and bring tools back to our company so we can actually implement the stuff we’re learning.

And that’s a pretty good deal for everyone involved.