Noble Studios Launches Toursim Website for Pahrump, Nevada is live. The new tourism website gives visitors a sense of what Pahrump is like and what it has to offer potential visitors. A warm, attractive design and vibrant photography capture the town’s natural beauty and bring “Your Base Camp to Adventure” to life online.

With no previous website or marketing foundation to build upon, everything was created from scratch. The content is organized around main topics such as eat, stay, play, daytrips, meetings, and events. This helps visitors find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

The site celebrates Pahrump’s culture and recreational activities in a fun, engaging way. Some of the new features on the website are:

  • Weather widget: Based on temperature and weather conditions, the header images will change. If it is nighttime, it will even show nighttime imagery. If it is raining, it will show an image of rain.
  • Photo and video galleries: The site pulls photos and videos from Pahrump’s YouTube and Flickr channels and integrates them into the site.
  • Virtual brochure rack: The virtual brochure rack takes a standard resources page full of links and emulates a newsstand in a creative, interactive way. Visitors simply click on the rack, and it shows an animation of the brochure being pulled from the rack and displays it for the visitor.
  • Yelp feeds: There are a total of three Yelp feeds integrated into the site. The feeds show detailed listing information for places to eat, hotels, casinos and RV Parks. By utilizing the Yelp API, we were able to leverage already existing data on the Web to simplify the need to manually update business information through the site.
  • Event widget: The event widget displays upcoming events by local and annual categories.
  • Slideshow: The slideshow on the homepage showcases compelling imagery to drive visitors to the main sections on the website.
  • Ad space: We added a robust advertising space on each page to help promote local businesses, where the client can track analytical data for every unique advertiser.
  • Metadata module: The metadata module allows the client to easily manage and update their own search engine optimization (SEO) tools.
  • Blog module: We added a blog module to allow visitors, residents, bloggers and business owners the opportunity to submit content for consideration to the blog.
  • Contact form: We added a new lead generation form to the contact page so the client can easily get in touch with visitors and better meet their individual needs.
  • Content management system (CMS): The website was built on an ExpressionEngine platform, a commercial CMS with all the security and tools necessary for Pahrump administrators to dynamically edit all areas of the website without a HTML background.
  • Newsletter: Using MailChimp, an easy to use email platform, visitors can sign up to receive the latest news and information in Pahrump’s monthly e-newsletter.
  • Social media integration: Visitors can simply click on the icons with embedded links which will take them directly to Pahrump’s social media pages.

There’s more to discover on the new tourism website. Check out to browse and learn more!

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